Short Summary  

We are seeking funding for a short film to bring a message across during this Covid-19 pandemic in Cambodia.

‘Act of Kindness’ is short film (15-20 min.) that will be shot in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the home city of the famed Angkor Wat temples, one of the ‘Wonders of the World’. As a major tourist destination in a third world country, the tourism sector has been extremely hard hit with 99% decline in tourist visitors and have devastated the local livelihood.

Angkor Wat aerial view, Siem Reap, Cambodia

And as such, ‘Act of Kindness’ relates to how, during this pandemic, lower income families are undergoing financial difficulties and a little source of income can make a big difference from people of different walks of life. The message at the end of this short film is during times of crisis, a small amount of money or a kind gesture can make a huge difference especially in the tourism and hospitality industry, in trying times today like in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

What We Need & What You Get


Because the objective of the short film (shot over 9 days) is to create awareness of the people affected in the hospitality and tourism sector, the actors in the short film are not paid and so are the Directors and Producers.

Areas that we are seeking for funding over the 7 – 9 day shoot would include

  1. Video camera crew (3 persons) to shoot the film. (US$500)
  2. Rental for camera equipment, lighting and accessories. (US$500)
  3. Additional support crew (3 persons) for the short film. (US$300)
  4. Transportation of equipment and crew to various sites for the video shoot. (US$300)
  5. Accommodation  for cast and crew, 12 persons. (US$400)
  6. Basic food and beverage requirements for the complete cast and crew. (US$300)
  7. Post Production Editing of the short film. (US$600)
  8. DI (Digital Intermediate) and Color Grading. (US$600)
  9. Music composition and related audio voice overs. (US$500)

Total cost of the funding required is US$4,000 and name credits of contributors will be seen at the end of this short film.


The Impact

  • This Short Film we are considering as Demo Project likely to make feature film or web series
  • On past projects, I have always used money out of my pocket, but the goal with this film is to make it something much bigger than before, something with a real impact. And unfortunately my pockets alone just aren’t deep enough to accomplish that. Considering the change that we have been able to bring about with “no budget” short films brings us great excitement to see what kind of potential this film may have!

Risks & Challenges

If our goal is  try make this film as much as quality , The only difference would be the flexibility that money allows for better equipment and Post production. Either way, we are motivated and passionate enough to make this film one way or another 🙂


Other Ways You Can Help

Simply sharing the project and this campaign would be a huge help in terms of spreading the word and enhancing exposure.