Who we are

Cambodia Adventure Tours (CAT) specializes in private and group tours, and organizes cycling, trekking, dirt-bike and 4WD tours all year round across all of Cambodia.

CAT founded by a group of adventure tour guides and sport lovers in 2015. To fill this need – CAT provides safe, exciting, challenging and most important of all – fun tours for outdoor loving & active people.

CAT has the best staff available, who have years of experience (see below) to make sure your trip will be challenging (suited to the individuals expertise), safe, fun & should whatever problems occur – have the knowledge and the supporting network to deal with it.

CAT has a strong connection to the well-being of the outdoors we enjoy. We always try to make as small as possible the footprint from all tours. We appreciate the wonderful nature of the friendly rural locals & contribute to their welfare.

Sokthy is a familiar guy who’s easy to relate to. He has conducted cycling tours for a number of tour companies in Cambodia before joining forces with CAT. He is flexible, understanding and has an enormous range of knowledge concerning bikes, paths, back roads, trails and jungle terrain, as well as a very strong understanding of the Cambodian history. His knowledge ensures that your excursion passes without a hiccup. During his free time, he loves to set out by himself and bike along the trails of the Mekong River but also spend time with his family.



Long has 12 years of experience under his belt as a dirt bike tour guide and knows plenty of great riding spots throughout all of Cambodia. If you really want to hit the dirt roads, he can make it happen anywhere in Cambodia. As a safe and exceptionally skilled biker, you can be sure you’ll be in good hands with Long. On the weekend, Long likes to hang out with his friends and hit the trails with his dirt bike and 4WD vehicle.



Ian loves to get down and dirty, but pays high attention to retaining hygienic conditions for eating and resting between adventures. Originally from Australia, Ian used to lead 4WD tours for Majestic Tours and Safari Trax in Western Australia. When you team up with Ian, you’ll be instructed in a number of fine points of 4WD driving and he will teach you how to handle any condition. Ian is especially attached to 4WD excursions through Kulen Mountain and always makes sure to hit the muddy tracks. In Australia, he was also a fan of bush bashing.



Sothea, the bush and jungle are his second home, where he has spent more than 7 years guiding tourists through all different kinds of terrain. Sothea has shown exceptional professionalism in his job and has proved to be well informed, caring and dedicated to the safety of his adventure pals. Sothea will instruct you some basic survival tips and tricks throughout your trek: he loves inspiring clients with his unique knowledge and experience of the jungle. He is also a passionate reader.



Vuthy is truly a force of nature! He helped his family with their farm work while simultaneously completing his studies. Later, he moved to Phnom Penh for a better education. He has felt connected to the outdoors and all the opportunities it has to offer since he was a kid and has worked as a freelance tour guide for a number of trekking, dirt – bike, kayaking and biking tour agencies. He is now our multi-tour adventure guide at CAT. Besides being friendly and professional, he is also very well informed and up to date on Cambodia’s history and culture.



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About Us

Cambodia Adventure Tours (CAT) specializes in private and group tours, and organizes cycling, trekking, dirt-bike and 4WD tours all year round across all of Cambodia.


Telephone: +855 (0)15-766-789
Address: #007 Merry Street, Bakeng Rd,
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